'Scream Street' - Example Animatics

"Scream Street'  - British television stop motion show on the CBBC channel in the United Kingdom. It is a series based on the books of the same name by Tommy Donbavand. Each episode is 11 minutes in length"

Produced By: Factory Create

Storyboards: Tim Dillnutt

No. Episodes: x16

'The Grumpus'_Animatic_01

It's Christmas on Scream Street, but nobody seems to enjoy it as much as Luke and his family, in fact they all seem terrified!

'The Evil Ooze'_Animatic_01

A virus hits town and takes over - leaving Resus and Luella as the only two not to be infected. Can they find a cure and save all of Scream Street?


Resus gets Luella to bring an earworm back to life, with potentially disastrous results.