'Scream Street' - PDF PResentations


"Scream Street'  - British television stop motion show on the CBBC channel in the United Kingdom. It is a series based on the books of the same name by Tommy Donbavand. Each episode is 11 minutes in length"

Produced By: Factory Create

Storyboards: Tim Dillnutt

No. Episodes: x16

'Mother Scares'

When Otto's poltergeist mother arrives uninvited, he soon embroils Luke and his friends in his campaign to get rid of her.

'The Brown Lagoon'

 Mr Watson is still terrified of the monsters in Scream Street. Luke and Mrs Watson decide to take him on a get away from it all camping weekend.



When Luke thinks that his werewolf side has put his parents in too much danger, he decides to banish himself to the Underlands.